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The Mind Set Podcast

A weekly attempt at opening eyes, and trying to shed some light on what's really going on in the world. All done by ripping apart the media madness that masquerades as news. All with a healthy dose of paranoia.

Tune in each week to hear the panel talk News, Politics and Conspiracy, all laced with a little humor.

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An intimate discussion on all things strange. This is a show where more questions are raised than answers are given, and things sometimes really do go bump in the night...

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The Mind Tech Podcast

The Mind Tech Podcast is your weekly dose of tech, privacy, security and conspiracy.
Each week we’ll talk about the very latest tech news and the continued threats to internet freedom.

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Behind The Curtain
We all love a good movie, but what is it that goes into creating that movie, and we're not necessarily talking about film making.

Behind the Curtain is a truly original movie review show, that doesn't always review the movie, but takes a look at what really happens behind the curtain.

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Journey-WebShadowThe Journey Inward

Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take.

What’s it all about?

Is there sense to be made in this world, Why are we here, and where do we ultimately go?

Join us for The Journey Inward.

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Nervous Teeth

Journey back in time to the mid-2000's and the precursor to The Mind Set Podcast!

Join us each week as we delve into the Nervous Teeth archives and present a classic episode to current Mind Set Listeners.

Nervous Teeth was/is a weekly internet radio show, which hopes to shed some light and in some cases humor, on some of the best Paranormal and Para-political news stories that hit the main stream media every week.

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