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Gareth Davies

Occupation: Philosopher, futurologist, anarchist, and conspiracy theory researcher at the Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information.

Go Buckaroo!

On a more serious note, Mind Set Central was founded by Gareth Davies in the early 2000's, and revamped into an internet broadcasting network in 2009 with the Launch of the Mind Set Podcast.

Interests: Laughing and thinking (although not always in that order), Truth, Understanding, Freedom and Heineken.

Biography: Transplanted Welshman, currently living in the sprawling metropolis known as Los Angeles, California.

Twitter: @mindset


Alex Fate

Occupation: Free Thinker, Artist and Author.

Interests: Philosophical Conspiracy & Controversial Reality

Biography:  Between Atlantis and the Moon Landings there have been countless Wars and Lies. Now Big Brother watches over our shoulder as Drones survey Ancient Babylon.

In today’s information age world events can seem overwhelming. After many years of investigating and ‘connecting the dots of life’ Alex presents his alternative view of the world… “Never be afraid to question.”

Alex's Web Site is



Reeves Cooke

Occupation: Photographer, Web-master, Internet Marketing.

Interests: Computers, Anything Retro, Science Fiction, The Unexplained.

Biography: Born, raised and living in England. Reeves has been a seeker of the unknown since his early teenage years.


Find Reeves on the web:



Venerina Conti

Occupation: Mental, Spiritual and Physical well-being, Healing through Transpersonal, Personal and Creative means, transpersonal thinker/writer.

Interests: Human beings, global cultures, world philosophies & beliefs, photography, wisdom (in all its forms,) everything that appears to divide us yet makes us the same and, of course, drinking green tea!

Biography: Coming from a diverse family background and having travelled to, worked and lived in close to 40 countries as well as worked with almost every nationality around the world, Venerina considers herself a true global citizen. She believes it's not the amount of knowledge a person has, it's the way they choose to use it. In this day and age, it's essential to have flexible thoughts and beliefs because there is no one singular truth nor one singular reality.


Joe Dunn

Occupation: Arts/Media

Interests:  Alternative Thinking, Creating, Exploring, Hiking, and Running, The Unknown

Biography: Graphic Artist, Hiker, Podcaster, Runner from Tampa Bay, Florida

Running is a passion and is a great source of inspiration. It's lead to a path of discovery from within in so many ways. Hiking gives me the opportunity to explore, clear my mind and connect with nature. I am also a creative person and through many channels, I like to express my creativity and I aim always to keep moving forward.

Find Joe on the Web:

Twitter: @orionstarr


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  1. Chris Reinert #
    April 1, 2011

    Just thought I’d drop a line to say hello after starting to listen to the podcast (might take some time to get through all 60 but I didn’t notice your evolution from the old nervous teeth….)

    Glad to see your still giving your opinions on some of the weirdness we all put up with in this odd world. I haven’t been totally absent in the inter-webby but was maybe absorbing too much info so took time out from printing all my rants on ‘musesforthemasses’ it got a bit too intense at times (tune in and drop out springs to mind…..)

    Once I catch up through a few of the podcasts I’ll try and get back to republishing muses as I’ve one heck of an interesting two years away from mainstream brainwashing but have taken too using my scientific background to pick apart some of the ‘pseudoscience’ mainstream and disinfo as well as conspiracy to be a bit more rational in what we should understand. Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction but the best lies often contain enough grains of truth to make them believable in my experience when it comes to some of the more science related news topics I’ve been looking at.

    Good luck and best wishes folks.


  2. April 1, 2011

    Chris. Awesome to hear from you, it’s been a while. I still occasionally look at the muses site, but no updates for a while.

    Anyway it’s great to be back in touch!


  3. Louby Lou #
    April 20, 2012

    Dear Alex,
    Just had to say something to you. Thank you. The thanks does not come from me but from a good friend going through hell right now. So I have been visiting your site for a while, and I enjoy your podcasts very much, its relieving to know someone else has similar thoughts to myself! I loved your podcast about the London Riots. I asked my friend to listen to that cast, he is not in England but in an Arab country (i dont wanna be too specific). I typed out ur podcast as he was unable to view online (so much restriction in that country with regards what you can and cannot read/hear/know about the outside). I hope you do not mind that I did that? Anyway, it really helped him somehow join the dots in his life and to understand about that bigger picture. Its small crumbs really in terms of helping him, but Im glad that I stumbled across your website and I share with ppl your thoughts, those willing to at least listen and try to see from another perspective. Keep up the writing and podcasts. Ive watched your Youtube vids… all great. So thanks again, you have impacted someone at a crucial time in their life, i thought you may be interested to know that!

    Take care,
    Louby Lou.

  4. April 21, 2012

    Louby Lou – I’m humbled – ty very much.
    (PS – I really do need to do more work on my site… oh and I am absolutely fine with you typing out my cast)

  5. Mike D. #
    May 9, 2012

    Just wanted to say that it is all the different personalitys that makes MSC what it is. Keep up the Great Work!

  6. frank #
    July 15, 2012

    Listened to your podcast regarding the volcano near the Canary Islands. Making me a bit nervous to go to my vacation on the Delaware shore! Great show though…..keep up the podcasts…though-provoking and interesting as always………whatever has become of that story re the “object” (?) found under the Baltic?……….frank f.

  7. thought criminal #
    February 10, 2013

    Hey Gareth,

    I very much enjoyed the 911 special and other shows with parts devoted to this issue. Because it is such an important (and increasingly unpopular) topic, i was curious if you or the rest of the team knew of and/or had an opinion on Dimitri Khazelov? Many opinions about that day fail to address where those towers physically “went”?



  8. Rob #
    March 8, 2013

    Hi JO, I’ve had a mammoth radio hour session, there was a song that you listened too when you were running a marathon that got you going. I cant remember the song or band 🙂

    If you could help that would be great.


  9. March 9, 2013

    Rob thank you for listening! I do know of the song you are mentioning I believe. It is by a band called: Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker and the song is “Anti-Venom”. I remember it well, I was down and out when running a race… That song came on and just pushed me, it sticks with me. The power of music!

  10. Rob Garriock #
    March 12, 2013

    Thanks JO,

  11. Paul #
    March 9, 2014

    Hi guys just thought I’d drop you all a line to say keep up the good work. Been listening for about a year now, mostly to The Mindset Podcast and Para Talk.

    Your podcasts have been helping me through an otherwise boring daily 17 mile drive to work so thanks to all of you 🙂

  12. Darlene #
    January 9, 2015

    OMG! Tell Gareth to shut up!!! Hes rude and talks and talks and interrupts and talks about nothing!!! I love the show but I would like to tape his mouth shut and let Reeves tell the stories..SHUT UP GARETH…YOU TALK TOO MUCH!!!! SOOOOO ANNOYING

  13. Dave from London #
    February 9, 2015

    Hi Reaves

    Your mention of the hum/buzz in edition 225 of Mindset really got my attention. I’ve been hearing it since 2012. I live just round the corner from Woolwich barracks and it started when building work began for the Olympics. It’s there every day and night and during the summer months can be really loud but not everybody can detect it, my wife thinks I’m hearing things and for a while I thought I had tinnitus but that’s been ruled out by people I know who have that condition. I wonder if other listeners are picking it up? You are the first person to describe it exactly as I would.

    Great podcast with great contributors


    Dave from London

  14. February 22, 2015

    Hey, there isn’t a picture of Ben Emlyn-Jones here. What gives?

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