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TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID

January 22nd, 2010


The mandatory push to digital TV that has been experienced both here in the US and in the UK, was done to free up the analog spectrum so that it could be sold to off the highest bidder.

Now new information is coming to light from an ex-IBM employee, stating that the main reason for this push to digital TV, was to make room for RFID tracking!

According to a former 31-year IBM employee, the highly-publicized, mandatory switch from analog to digital television is mainly being done to free up analog frequencies and make room for scanners used to read implantable RFID microchips and track people and products throughout the world.

Clearing out the high power analog tv emissions will improve signal to noise ratio for RFID emitting in the 700MHz band, and potentially allow passive satellite tracking of these RFID signals.

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12 Privacy Trends to Watch in 2010

January 14th, 2010


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is an organization that was created in 1990 to fight for cyber-rights, and defend our electronic civil liberties.  As the Internet and the multitude of devices connected to it proliferate our daily lives, privacy is fast becoming nothing more than a quaint idea from the last century.

Now practically every facet of our lives are in some way covertly recorded, or in some cases overtly by us in the use of services like You Tube, Twitter, Facebook etc.

The EFF has laid out a list of 12 privacy trends to look out for this year, as governments and corporations continue to curtail freedom, liberty and self determination.

Read the 12 Trends Here

Judge Delays UFO Enthusiast McKinnon Extradition

January 13th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

UFO Enthusiast

A UK Judge has ordered another judicial review into whether Gary McKinnon should be extradited to the USA to stand trial for hacking into the Pentagon in what turned out to be a successful search for evidence of UFOs. The High Court will rule whether Alan Johnson , the former Marxist and current UK  Home Secretary , was correct not to intervene in the US request to try McKinnon under the flag of the USA , knowing that the accused suffers from Asperger's Syndrome.

With an Election on the horizon and Johnson likely to lose his job and disappear into the back benches ( or into the House of Lords) , it will be interesting to see if the new Government feel able to block further attempts by the US Government or whether , as their current position intimates , they simply change the law so that such high profile and embarrassing cases no longer reach the public eye.

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Body scanners can store, send images

January 12th, 2010


Not only do I love this story, but I cant wait for the Flickr page...

A privacy group says the Transportation Security Administration is misleading the public with claims that full-body scanners at airports cannot store or send their graphic images.

The TSA specified in 2008 documents that the machines must have image storage and sending abilities, the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) said.

In the documents, obtained by the privacy group and provided to CNN, the TSA specifies that the body scanners it purchases must have the ability to store and send images when in "test mode."

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Thank the Maker!

January 12th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Faith , Hope and Technology

A Church in the City of London , UK has tried to attract workers by offering blessings to their cell phones and laptops.

The Reverend David Parrott yesterday gave his maiden blessing over cellphones , iPods and laptops at St. Lawrence Jewry church in London's financial centre.

"We decided to have the service with a modern twist - I prayed for the people who support the technology, who use it," Rev. Parrott stated.

It is unclear whether , at the start of service , Mr. Parrott asked for all mobile phones to be switched off , a common practice in churches throughout the world.

Around 80 parishioners took out their gadgets as Rev. Parrott intoned a prayer over them.  "As I prayed for God's blessing on the technology, they were holding their phones in the air."

The church has been standing since 1136 and was rebuilt in 1670 by Sir. Christopher Wren following the Great Fire of London.  "God's grace can reach them ( the workers) in many ways," Rev. Parrott said.

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Whistleblower emerges to confirm reality of time travel…

January 4th, 2010


Dr. David Lewis Anderson, director of the Anderson Institute, emerged publicly in a two-hour interview on December 23, 2009 to give an extensive account of his time control research for the U.S. Air Force, which he later continued at his Time Travel Research Institute and other organizations.

According to the physicist, he was employed at a young age by the U.S. Air Force conducting advanced research and development at the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert.

During that time, he laid the foundations for what would be known as “time-warp field theory,” an approach that models and describes how to use the natural forces of inertial frame dragging to create contained and controllable fields of closed time-like curves.  At his Time Travel Research Center in Long Island, Dr. Anderson further developed time-warp field theory, as well as a third generation time warp generator.

Also some interesting "teleportation" information emerged...

Andrew D. Basiago discussed his experiences within a secret DARPA program “Project Pegasus” and what he claimed to be the true history of U.S. time travel research and teleportation technology... from the years 1969 to 1972.

“He described being teleported from… Wood Ridge, NJ to Santa Fe, NM via a device derived from Tesla technology.  A ‘chasm’ opens up in the fabric of time-space that is wrapped around the “teleportees” as they are repositioned to a new location…

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