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Oil: Interesting Times

July 20th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

China has this week become the biggest user of oil on the planet , overtaking the USA according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Whereas once China exported the stuff, now they are a major importer and guzzler , putting pressure on supplies and raising the market price. And of course threatening the west and its massive oil companies into the bargain.

Chinese companies are now all over the globe, seeking new business deals in areas of the world which the USA and UK companies have abandoned due to international pressure.

China are concentrating a lot of their efforts in Central Asia , South America and Africa. Of course , the Middle East is a happy hunting ground , with Saudi Arabia this year selling more oil to China than the USA. China are now Saudi's biggest buyer.

Meanwhile Western Oil Companies remain under attack from public opinion , who are already educated that oil is a polluter, harmful to the planet and is running out rapidly. The BP oil leak is an ongoing environmental and political tragedy unfolding on a daily basis. The murkiness of the Gulf of Mexican waters is only matched by the geopolitical machinations of the company itself and politicians.

A small phalanx of both have been making bad headlines in their dealings with Libya in order to secure more oil for themselves in an ever increasing shark eat shark marketplace.

Now EXXON (daddy of ESSO oil) have hit the headlines, albeit for less sinister and more self protective reasons. Climate Change subscribers are jumping up and down in frustration that EXXON continues to sponsor sceptic organisations and scientists, despite an assurance that they would cease the practise. The bemoaners fail to see the irony that they themselves are sponsored to the hilt in order to reach conclusions which fit their beliefs.

Meanwhile , China is not without its pollution problems. Laying aside that it is now the biggest polluter ( again overtaking the USA in this particular league table), the Yellow Sea is today awash with an oil spill of its own, with authorities saying there will be a 10 day clean up operation. An explosion at a pipeline occurred after an ( ironically) Libyan Tanker had discharged its load , with pipe lines and storage depots bursting into flames that blazed over the weekend in the Port of Dalian.

Over in the UK , Lloyds of London ( the insurance market ) are reporting a 'supply crunch' that may or may not occur before 'peak oil' is reached in 2020. In addition , Lloyds cite other developments that will force change into how the UK will use its existing energy supllies - interestingly the first two cited are of a political nature ( Climate Change and geopolitical issues) together with a resurgence in coal and natural gas.

Control of oil is now slipping out of the hands of the West , despite numerous wars and dodgy dealings to prop up supplies now being greedily devoured by a developing Asia. Necessity being the Mother of Invention, how long before the panic button is pressed and we see the release of suppressed technology?

Laser Wars : Technology Nightmare

July 19th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

First there was conventional war. Then there were the Drones Wars.  Now we see a new 'sexy' weapon enter the scene - a weapon which will be no stranger to readers of Asimov, Clarke and Roddenberry.

No sooner has the spectre of drones above the streets of the Western ( and Eastern) World been brandished as 'the way ahead for security and overseas operations' than the same boffins of the military complex reveal a weapon to make drones nigh on unusable.

Anti-drone lasers were unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow last week and according to a BBC report, makers Raytheon said

" ...the solid state fibre laser produces a 50 kilowatt beam and can be used against UAV, mortar, rockets and small surface ships. "  By comparison, a coffee machine uses 1 kilowatt. Another test, this off the Californian coast, saw 5 x 5  kilowatt lasers down 4 incoming drones without fuss. A spokesman for Raytheon said

" One of the Navy's problems is that the bad guys have UAV's now." How true.
The company refuses to say what distance lasers have, though admit it is a lot further than the current guns mounted on Navy Patrol Vessels.

As we enter a nightmare scenario of war without end, sci-fi writers will be rubbing their hands at possible scenarios.

Full Report HERE

New Conspiratorial Video Game

June 26th, 2010


"Home is Where the War is", the theme of a new video game by publisher THQ.  Homefront was shown off at the recent E3 video game showcase.  The storyline seems to be ripped out of a fresh NWO conspiratorial mindset.  Go ahead take a look at the trailer below for yourself.


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The Great Firewall of… Australia?

June 16th, 2010


A supposedly "free" country that is also an "apparent" democracy, is now going full steam ahead down the dark path of censorship.

The concept of government-backed web censorship is usually associated with nations where human rights and freedom of speech are routinely curtailed. But if Canberra's plans for a mandatory Internet filter go ahead, Australia may soon become the first Western democracy to join the ranks of Iran, China and a handful of other nations where access to the Internet is restricted by the state.

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Robot I-Fairy Officiates At Wedding

May 18th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

I-Fairy, I do.

Isaac Asimov may be impressed with how the robotics industry has developed over the past few years, but even the great man himself might balk at the latest 'task' assigned to the robots world.  A Tokyo couple were married by a white clad robot in a ceremony this week, the I-Fairy creation currently at hire for $68000 from Kokoro of Japan.

Robots ( if you own one) would of course come a lot cheaper than a human priest as robotic needs are simple - a few volts of electricity and a squirt of oil. They don't require a gratuity, are safe around children and don't polish off any of the alcohol bought specifically for guests.

However, with 43 percent of marriages ending in bitter divorce, philosophers may begin to question whether Asimov's first Law of Robotics might apply in conducting wedding ceremonies.

Full Technical Report HERE

Algorithms Of Human Thought – Total Control

April 21st, 2010


Could this be the beginnings of a new form of mind control?  The thorough mapping of the human mind,  that could give complete control over every mental process?

The Defense Department is continuing its push to reduce human thought and human action to a few lines of code.

The latest effort comes from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, which is looking to build “mathematical or computational models of human attention, memory, categorization, reasoning, problem solving, learning and motivation, and decision making.”

The ultimate goal, according to a recent request for research proposals, is to “elucidate core computational algorithms of the mind and brain.” Good luck with that, guys.'

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