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The Singularity is near

I’m not entirely sure why, but for the last several days I have been pondering The Singularity, and its possible outcome. So what’s a Singularity? The Singularity as postulated by Ray Kurzweil, is a theory that machines will achieve consciousness and become self aware around 2045, and then go on to completely out match humans […]

TV Will Rot Your Mind

Hey Mind Setters I thought you would find this show interesting, this is episode 3 Aspiration I heard your call out on the podcast Peter 😉 Comedy series in which Charlie Brooker uses a mix of sketches and jaw-dropping archive footage to explore the gulf between real life and television. Great fun, containing oodles of […]

The Future of Advertising?

Could this be the future of advertising? Privacy is dead, and has been for a number of years now. For people who grew up pre-internet, this is a disturbing fact.  Knowing that practically every aspect of modern life is either publicly available or stored for later retrieval on a server somewhere out there in cyberspace, […]

Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church

Famed Hacker group “Anonymous” who was discussed on Mind Set Podcast Ep.56, has been at it again. The group has posted a “bitchSlap” on the right wing (maniac) Christian web site for the Westboro Baptist Church. The Westboro Baptist Church has gained world wide media attention for their “God Hates Fags” protests and other hate speech […]

Internet Down?

The fact that governments can kill the internet, has moved from informed speculation into established fact, as witnessed in the recent events in Egypt. The communication infrastructure that we all use daily, is for the most part owned and maintained by “private” corporations and the government. If a national security event were to take place, […]

Could Obama Switch Off The Net?

Legislation is already in place to allow US President the authority to ‘shut off’ the Internet in the USA. It is uncertain what effect this would have on the rest of the world. Or whether it is actually possible that there is a ‘plug’ system available for the authorities to pull. The fact they are […]