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Obama’s Brain Surgery

Rampant speculation concerning President Obama’s head has been making the rounds on the internet recently. Has the President recently had Brain Surgery? While the images of Obama’s head really do look like there was some kind of surgical procedure performed on the President, it seems strange that this story would blow up now when the […]

Para-Talk: Episode 4 – Time Slips

[audio:] Download MP3 – 51 megs Subscribe to Para-talk Time Slips?  Can people really travel through time? Despite the obvious Science Fiction connotations here, there are many cases concerning spontaneous time travel or as is it has come to be know as, a time slip.

Para-Talk: Episode 3 – The Cumberland Spaceman

[audio:] Download MP3 – 51 megs Subscribe to Para-talk This week on Para-talk Gareth and Reeves discuss a true photographic enigma.  The Strange case of The Cumberland Spaceman came to light in 1964, and to this day no rational explanation exists that fully details how this truly bizarre photograph came to be.

The Amityville Ghost Photograph

The Amityville Horror was not only a successful book and film that just claimed to be a “true” story, some researchers have stated that the events portrayed in the book and film were real and have photographic evidence, and eyewitness testimony to prove it. Below are a series of time lapsed photographs taken in 1976, […]

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

“What’s the frequency, Kenneth? is your Benzedrine, uh-huh” – REM So what does Time Travel, a hit song and the nightly news all have in common? It’s the frequency, the frequency Kenneth… On a crisp October evening in 1989, veteran CBS news man Dan Rather was strolling along Park Avenue on route to his apartment, […]

John Lennon’s UFO

Not only was John Lennon the founding member of the Beatles, and one half of the most successful and critically acclaimed songwriting teams the world has known. He was also a political free thinker, who challenged the world with his anthem “Give Peace a Chance”, when America was engulfed in the war in South East […]