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Para-Talk: Episode 40

December 11th, 2012



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The Earth Light Phenomena

This week Gareth and Reeves grapple with the very strange phenomena known as Earth lights.

Earth lights are a rare anomalous light phenomenon, mistaken throughout history as dragons, UFOs, and ball lightning before being recognised as a separate category

Get Ready for Para-Talk Episode 40!

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Nervous Teeth: Episode 10

November 29th, 2012



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Funny, funny, funny.  Lots of funny. It's a funny world...

Originally broadcast October 8th, 2005.

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez.

Nervous Teeth top 10 stories of the week:

. Dolphins sing 'Batman' theme
. Ghost Caught On TV?
. Satellite images confirm mystery glow in ocean
. Smart beer mat orders refills
. School expels children's author for 'crap, poo, fart' talk
. Disabled man seeks payment for prostitute visits
. Massive Project Will Reveal How Humans Continue to Evolve
. Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible
. Manufacturers caught installing keystroke loggers!
. God Made me do it!

All of the above news stories did have links to news sites, but the pages they once connected to no longer exist…

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The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 128

November 18th, 2012



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Old and new friends join us for this mammoth edition of the Mind Set Podcast!

Topics discussed this week include:

New Mind Set Member - Ben Emlyn-Jones

David Icke events

The Jews

Israel and War

Hostess going out of business

Twinkies and memories

News and truth and spin?

Petraeus Obama speech

Saudi Arabia and Switzerland

Taser Trouble

Police State

Twitter as Weapon in Gaza

Internet censorship

Euro crisis to take food out of mouths

Dog Eat Dog

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans!

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Para-Talk: Episode 38

November 13th, 2012



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Phantom Black Dogs

A black dog is the name given to a being found primarily in the folklores of the British Isles. The black dog is essentially a nocturnal apparition, often said to be associated with the Devil or a Hellhound. Its appearance was regarded as a portent of death. It is generally supposed to be larger than a normal dog, and often has large, glowing eyes.

This week on Para-Talk the Black Dog Legend is discussed, and a personal tale is told that may relate to this strangely terrifying phenomena.

Black Dogs

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Para-Talk: Episode 37

November 7th, 2012



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The Abduction Phenomena

Are people being taken secretly against their will by apparently nonhuman entities and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures?

This is the main thrust of this weeks episode of Para-Talk.

Listen as Gareth and Reeves question this phenomena, while also recounting certain landmark cases.

Are we really interacting with non-human intelligence's?

Alien Abduction

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Intro to Nervous Teeth

July 12th, 2012



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This is Nervous Teeth 101: An Introduction to Nervous Teeth.

This could be considered as Episode Zero, as next week we begin the mammoth task of making the entire Nervous Teeth Podcasting Archive available once again on the internet.

For old fans of the show, this will be like going home again, as you'll hear shows long since forgotten. But also we will try to bring in new listeners to the show, and we look forward to their thoughts and comments on this highly controversial and entertaining* podcast.

These shows are dedicated to the memory and talent of Rod Rodriguez (Rodrod, Rodzilla and RodenBERRY).

This IS Nervous Teeth!



*only some will find these shows entertaining...