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Is The Latest Superbug A Superhumbug?

August 11th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Reports of a new anti-biotic resistant, unbeatable superbug are today widespread across the media outlets.

Whilst Swine and Bird Flu pandemics failed to kill us off, New Delhi-Metallo-1  (NMD-1 ) is being touted as the next great danger to mankind.

Thankfully, at least according to experts , there is no cure from this one.   This is 'the end'.  So no need to pump vast amounts of our funds into pharma companies.
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Creeping Democracy

August 9th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Democratic election results are always more convenient when known in advance.  It simply saves time in organizing the victory celebrations.

Despite people still queuing up to make their choice at the polls, lorries of beer and food - driven by the country's military - are parked up waiting for the the party to begin.

Rwandan President, Paul Kagame , helped the political process by banning opposition parties and instating toothless political allies as his only competitors.

Critics report intimidation of opposition members, journalists and lawyers.
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Llandrillo : The Welsh Roswell?

August 8th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Crash Mountain Above Llandrillo

This week the British Government released papers relating to an incident which occurred in January 1974. A thirty year embargo had prevented the public from seeing official findings of what was reported to be a crashed UFO in the Berwyn Mountains near to the village of Llandrillo in North East Wales.

A Government official declared that the incident was of natural phenomena rather than extra terrestrial. To this day, the Berwyn Mountain Incident is still referred to as 'The Welsh Roswell'.
If the event WAS of natural consequences, then why slap a thirty year rule upon it? Mrs. Pat Evans ( Nurse) from the village was adamant in her statements. She was a well respected figure, straightforward and honest.

Her story - together with the statements from Farmer Williams - are not easily dismissible. Nor are the people who continue to step forward, the latest being in 2008 when the Government released papers regarding UFO sightings in the UK, yet not the Berwyn Incident. Click below for a Mindset Special Report from the area around where the incident occurred. Then read Andy Roberts' excellent text on the case.

Andy Roberts' Excellent Article HERE

The Game of BP Oil Drilling

July 6th, 2010


"The thrills of drilling,"

I just wonder if this is what the young elites played before coming to playing the same game in real life.  Besides the ominous "hazard cards" I wonder what the end game was?  Get nationalized by local government due to oil disaster or global end of times scenario?

The UK's Metro has discovered a BP branded board game from the 70s titled "Offshore Oil Strike." Letting players take on the role of oil tycoons, they face the "hazards and rewards" of offshore drilling. It serves has a hauntingly ironic prediction of recent events. And a mindblowing addition to the ridiculousness that is BP.

Perhaps the creepiest part? The foreboding 'hazard cards,' which read 'Blow-out! Rig damaged. Oil slick clean-up costs. Pay $1million.' If only it was that easy.

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Talk about mindsets – Frank Sidebottom

July 2nd, 2010


A celebration of the life and death of one individual –– Whilst it may not be so politically charged as most of my reports today marks the funeral of one of our true ‘alternative thinkers’.

Frank Sidebottom’s creator Chris Sievey was given a funeral today –paid for by his fans!

Frank/Chris did not conform yet worked with people from over the world by ‘being a little different’. Alas his eccentricity led to a his attitude of ‘living in the moment’ and as such he died virtually penniless… However after an internet campaign £20,000 was raised to give him a good sendoff.

A mindset of his own – perhaps now he would see as a ‘danger to society’. I for one believe the world is worse off without you. Goodbye Frank.

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