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UFO’s over water – Australian News.

Some very strange UFO footage has surfaced via the Australian morning news show “Sunrise”. The clips presented above are very strange, and despite the bumbling puppet head imbeciles hosting the show, the images are very provoking and appear genuine. And here’s Steve with the weather. (insert nervous inappropriate laughter here)…

9/11 Redux

Tomorrow is the Ninth anniversary of quite a bad day. September 11th, 2001 was a day that scarred the human consciousness, and moved us all off the little foot path that we were all traveling along, and on to the autobahn of the New World Order. Whether you subscribe to the NWO concept or not, […]

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The Nordic Motorway Mystery

Via Colin Famed Crop Circle researcher Colin Andrews has posted a truly bizarre and thought provoking piece on his web site, concerning apparently “other-worldly” women with super-human strength and resistance to pain.

“W” is for Worry…

Not really sure what to make of this one, as it could be absolutely nothing.  but I add it to these pages, as something a little more than just a mere curiosity.  The subject being Tony Blair’s forehead. From being elected Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1997, Tony Blair has had his fair share […]

Human Experiments Deemed Humane

Naturally the RSPCA are happy bunnies as it emerges that a new testing method is available to spare lab animals further suffering. They might be less pleased when a finger points towards them and a large man say’s, “Oi you, over here. And drop ’em” (This is possibly worst case scenario, but it’s best to be […]

The Ownership Of Language

Bizarre ownership claims abound in a world dominated by power, ego and greed. In 1999 Yale University sued Wrexham County Borough Council over the use of the name Yale College. In 2002 Former Spice Girl Victoria (Mrs. David) Beckham once lodged a counter claim against a football club to have sole rights to the word ‘Posh’.