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Para-Talk: Episode 3 – The Cumberland Spaceman

[audio:] Download MP3 – 51 megs Subscribe to Para-talk This week on Para-talk Gareth and Reeves discuss a true photographic enigma.  The Strange case of The Cumberland Spaceman came to light in 1964, and to this day no rational explanation exists that fully details how this truly bizarre photograph came to be.

Moon Base and NASA’s blind spot…

India has done it again! This time scientists at the Indian Research Organisation have found a GIANT UNDERGROUND CAVE on the Moon – measuring 1.7km long and 120m wide! Such an area could prove excellent for the construction of a moon base, but we really should be asking why the ‘winners of the space race’ […]

John Lennon’s UFO

Not only was John Lennon the founding member of the Beatles, and one half of the most successful and critically acclaimed songwriting teams the world has known. He was also a political free thinker, who challenged the world with his anthem “Give Peace a Chance”, when America was engulfed in the war in South East […]

Life in Space? NASA to reveal more…

Life in Space? NASA to reveal more… From Mars to Gallifrey – extra-terrestrial life is has been the drive behind much of science-fiction and science fact. So what does the Main Stream Media have to say about this? Well on Thursday December the 2nd they will be telling us as NASA holds a news conference […]

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NASA Caught Photoshopping

Since the beginning of the space program, the space images provided by NASA have been scrutinized by scientists and conspiracy researchers alike.  Accusations of airbrushing of images where commonplace during the moon landings and the Apollo program, and continues today, but the airbrush has long been placed out to pasture.  Adobe Photoshop is where its […]