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Playing creationists at their own game

August 13th, 2010


Phil Senter is a biologist, paleontologist and an atheist, and not surprisingly he is not thrilled at the prospect of increasingly vocal creationists talking smack about Charles Darwin's prestigious theories.

So Phil has decided to take it upon himself to try and convince creationists that they are barking up the wrong tree concerning mankind's origins, and get on board the Darwin express!
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Burger, Chips and Statins

August 13th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Imperial College London health researchers are suggesting that statins be handed out in fast food restaurants as part of a drive to cut down heart disease. They say the 5p per pill preparation will offset the negative effects of the junk food, and cite a 7oz burger and milkshake as an example where one dose would cut out that fat intake therein.

There is no doubt that the drug helps patients who have already had a heart attack.  There is dubious evidence though that Statins are useful as a preventative measure.  Yet their use has rocketed in people hoping to prevent a heart attack.

Statins is big business and is now the most prescribed drug on the planet.
"There's a conspiracy of false hope" states Dr. John Abramson of Harvard Medical School.
But whilst people seek a magic pill shortcut to good health, so will commercial incentives take the lead in prescription practices.

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Climate Change – Fact, Fiction or Fraud?

August 13th, 2010


Yet more Climate Change data is called into question as the NOAA-16 satellite seems to have been providing false temperature information.

We’ve all heard of Climate skeptics. Those who dare question that “our planet needs saving”. They claim that data has been manipulated and selected specifically to enforce a NWO agenda and I have to say I agree with them. Now it seems that whilst government’s plans taxes to conquer nature (with a deep sense of irony) it seems that their data is not the only thing that needs fixing.
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Human Experiments Deemed Humane

August 11th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Naturally the RSPCA are happy bunnies as it emerges that a new testing method is available to spare lab animals further suffering.

They might be less pleased when a finger points towards them and a large man say's, "Oi you, over here. And drop 'em"

(This is possibly worst case scenario, but it's best to be warned in advance of these things.)
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Is The Latest Superbug A Superhumbug?

August 11th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Reports of a new anti-biotic resistant, unbeatable superbug are today widespread across the media outlets.

Whilst Swine and Bird Flu pandemics failed to kill us off, New Delhi-Metallo-1  (NMD-1 ) is being touted as the next great danger to mankind.

Thankfully, at least according to experts , there is no cure from this one.   This is 'the end'.  So no need to pump vast amounts of our funds into pharma companies.
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Your Lifestyle In Their Hands

August 9th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Steve Field, Chairman of the Royal College of GP's, has pronounced a damning report on the health of British citizens, singling out smokers, drinkers and - oh yes - eaters (that should cover just about everyone, then.)

Whilst suggesting that the responsibility lies with the individual (be they single or parent), the utterances continue to perpetuate the myth that Government and Authority has overall control of the nations feeding and leisure habits.
The Professor also fails to note that the health of the nation has never been better.

Cloned beef products, GM crops , rise of pensionable age, crumbling inner cities and towns, lack of employment, saturated fats, aspartame and E-additives are studiously ignored in the announcement.

Smoking and drinking remain legal in the country - because there is a goodly amount of tax generated from it. Children continue to be bombarded with adverts for junk food.  In fact, the Government is held ransom by the food manufacturers so it seems unlikely that we are to see a reduction in giant fast food chains , though we can certainly expect an attack on independent outlets.  To be fair, preaching is also legal, which is unfortunate in this instance.

The verbiage used by  Government Spokesman, Professor Field, is graphic and insensitive- comparing smoking near to children as 'child abuse.'

Possibly the role of GP's (when you can get to see one, that is) is to be there when we need them, not the other way around.

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