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Our world may be a giant hologram

January 18th, 2010


How do we experience reality?   To quote the Matrix,  "If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain".

Given access to or the creation of the correct technology,  the brain could be stimulated in such a way as to render a reality that is indistinguishable from what we now perceive to be real.

Next question is...

Could we all be encased in some sort of simulation right now?  Could the world and all that we perceive, be nothing more than illusion?  Scientists in Hanover Germany think that they may have found the proof, that the simulation hypothesis may have some legs.  Judging from their research, it seems that all of physical reality is holographic in nature.

For the past seven years, this German set-up has been looking for gravitational waves - ripples in space-time thrown off by super-dense astronomical objects such as neutron stars and black holes. GEO600 has not detected any gravitational waves so far, but it might inadvertently have made the most important discovery in physics for half a century.

The idea that we live in a hologram probably sounds absurd, but it is a natural extension of our best understanding of black holes, and something with a pretty firm theoretical footing. It has also been surprisingly helpful for physicists wrestling with theories of how the universe works at its most fundamental level.

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Social Activists Call For Ban On Church Wine

January 18th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Buckfast Abbey in Devon is world famous for it's wine production. The brew was first produced in 1890s by the Benedictine monks at at the Abbey using a recipe brought to the UK  from France, as indeed is the wine base used today.

The wine was originally sold in small quantities by the Abbey itself, as a medicine with the slogan "Three small glasses a day, for good health and lively blood".

The Abbey lost its licence to sell in 1927 and a wine merchant was used  to distribute the product.

But now the fortified broth is being blamed for spiralling anti-social behavoiur in an area not necessarily associated with fine wines. Buckfast - or Buckie as it is known in parts of Scorland -  was linked to 5000 crimes in Scotland's largest police force area in the last three years.

And almost one in 10 of those crimes in Strathclyde was violent, figures obtained under freedom of information laws show.

Researchers said the number of times Buckfast was associated with violence was shocking, as sales account for under half a per cent of the Scots drinks market.

The revelations are made in a BBC documentary to be shown tonight ( 18th January 2010) . It also looks at ingredients in the tonic wine and how they may affect behaviour.

Neuroscientist Dr Steven Alexander calculated there are 281mg of caffeine in a bottle of Buckfast - as much as in eight cans of cola.

Some drinkers get through two bottles of Buckfast a day.

Dr Alexander said: "It's going to have the person bouncing around all over the place."

The monks of Buckfast Abbey and their distribution partners strenuously deny that their product is particularly harmful, saying that it is responsibly and legally enjoyed by the great majority of purchasers. They also point out that the areas identified with its acute misuse have been economically deprived for decades.

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Thank the Maker!

January 12th, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Faith , Hope and Technology

A Church in the City of London , UK has tried to attract workers by offering blessings to their cell phones and laptops.

The Reverend David Parrott yesterday gave his maiden blessing over cellphones , iPods and laptops at St. Lawrence Jewry church in London's financial centre.

"We decided to have the service with a modern twist - I prayed for the people who support the technology, who use it," Rev. Parrott stated.

It is unclear whether , at the start of service , Mr. Parrott asked for all mobile phones to be switched off , a common practice in churches throughout the world.

Around 80 parishioners took out their gadgets as Rev. Parrott intoned a prayer over them.  "As I prayed for God's blessing on the technology, they were holding their phones in the air."

The church has been standing since 1136 and was rebuilt in 1670 by Sir. Christopher Wren following the Great Fire of London.  "God's grace can reach them ( the workers) in many ways," Rev. Parrott said.

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Irish Blasphemy Law

January 2nd, 2010

Peter John Glynn

Today sees more headscratching as the introduction of Ireland's new Blasphemy Law , which was passed in July 2009 by a single vote , comes into operation. It reads , in a nutshell:

"publishing or uttering matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters sacred by any religion, thereby intentionally causing outrage among a substantial number of adherents of that religion, with some defences permitted".
They forgot the thinking.

The outrage of atheists is understandable , with heavyweights Mark Twain ( deceased) , Father Ted ( deceased) Bjork , and even the Prophet himself named by protesters amongst those whose words will be used to challenge the law in court. Rather silent , however , are the Catholics , who mistakenly foresee this as a protection of their beliefs.

This law has to do more with non Christian religions and is being rolled out throughout the 'free' World. For example , it is already enforced in the UK under the bizarrely named Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 where even belief in Climate Change is now classed as a religion and where State decides who is - or is not - a Jew. Meanwhile , outside of the 'free' World , Pakistan is also looking at the Irish legislation to see how it's paramilitary system could benefit from its introduction.
The Law , which attracts a fine for those who fall foul, doesn't apply to the Jedi Religion , as there aren't sustantial adherents to that particular faith.

So what is it about? This law has little to do with protecting the sensitivities of the devout in a once predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Is it simply another small step in eradicating the old religions through legislation in order to gradually introduce a One World Religion to lie comfortable with the New World Order?

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Science Center sued for rejecting anti-evolution film

December 30th, 2009


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the California Science Center is about to be sued by the American Freedom Alliance, which is a non-political, non-partisan movement which promotes, defends and upholds Western values and ideals.  (Translation, Western Values = a Christian worldview which aligns itself to Creationism and Intelligent Design)

The AFA had planned an Oct. 25 screening of two films at the Exposition Park museum -- one a short Imax movie called "We are Born of Stars," which favors Darwin's theory; the other, "Darwin's Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record," a feature-length documentary that criticizes Darwin and promotes intelligent design.

The AFA says that it has no position on Darwinism and intelligent design but is concerned that debate is being stifled by the scientific establishment.  The scientific establishment has dismissed Creationism and Intelligent design, as the theory of evolution has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the genetic and fossil evidence.

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Midnight Mass Getting Earlier

December 24th, 2009

Peter John Glynn

Has Health and Safety finally forced churches to abandon one of its oldest and best loved traditions? Churches in the UK have always started services around 11pm so that they continue into Christmas Day to mark the arrival of Jesus into the world.

However in recent years many have begun to move Midnight Mass services forward to earlier in the evening, to stop them being interrupted by drunks staggering out of the pubs or to make them more user friendly for young families and the elderly to attend and return home safely afterwards.

Some Roman Catholic churches are starting the service, renamed the First Mass of Christmas or Vigil Mass, around 8pm.

Among the earliest found is St Teresa of the Child Jesus Church in Liverpool, where the inappropriately named Midnight Mass will take place at the improbable time of 6pm.

Several churches are holding the service early in the evening so it coincides nicely with midnight in Bethlehem, which , conveniently , is two hours ahead of the UK.

Holy Trinity and All Saints in Winterton, Norfolk calls its service “Moonlight Mass” and the blurb states: “All the mystery and wonder of Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, but at a slightly earlier time. As the Mass reaches its climax a bell chimes to tell us is it is midnight in Bethlehem the place of Christ's birth. Mulled wine and mince pies to follow.”

Meanwhile , over in the Vatican , Midnight Mass was brought forward two hours so that the Pope doesn't get too tired to deliver his Christmas Message in the morning. Unfortunately the Pontiff suffered a security scare when a 'mentally unstable' woman leapt a barrier and tumbled the 82 year old to the floor. She was the same person who tried to jump a barricade to get close to the Pope at last year's Christmas Mass, the spokesman said.

MaryBeth Burns from Paris, Texas, was about four people away from the woman who jumped the barriers and was filming the pope's procession as the commotion started.

"I'm really mad because I had a perfect shot lined up," she said. "I'm still shaking."

Burns, who was visiting Italy with her family on a religious pilgrimage for Christmas, said the security guards immediately pulled the woman to the ground and the pope tumbled with them.

Also involved was Cardinal Roger Etchegaray who was taken to hospital after being given first aid in the Basilica. He is reported as suffering a fractured femur.

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