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Political Hand Signals..?

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. President Obama has now been photographed displaying the “Mano Cornuto” or Satanic Salute, and along with the rest of the worlds power elite, who make a point of publicly displaying this hand gesture, signals that the agenda can continue without pause. When […]

Sinead Speaks Out

Sinead O’Connor has always been out spoken and uncompromising in her beliefs, so much so that her highly controversial appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live in 1992 virtually destroyed her career over night.  Up until that moment, Sinead had been a very successful rock artist with a vibrant and growing fan base, all to be […]

The Slow Creep into Tyranny

Recently a few of us were on Skype discussing the difference in an individuals freedom of speech depending on the country you reside in.  When I questioned how a country like England got its speech regulated to limit hate speech, it was not shocking to learn it passed without any real debate.  In my opinion […]

Playing creationists at their own game

Phil Senter is a biologist, paleontologist and an atheist, and not surprisingly he is not thrilled at the prospect of increasingly vocal creationists talking smack about Charles Darwin’s prestigious theories. So Phil has decided to take it upon himself to try and convince creationists that they are barking up the wrong tree concerning mankind’s origins, […]

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Robot I-Fairy Officiates At Wedding

Isaac Asimov may be impressed with how the robotics industry has developed over the past few years, but even the great man himself might balk at the latest ‘task’ assigned to the robots world.  A Tokyo couple were married by a white clad robot in a ceremony this week, the I-Fairy creation currently at hire […]