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The Journey Inward: Episode 1

[audio:] Download MP3 – 18 megs Subscribe to The Journey Inward Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take. What’s it all about? Is there sense to be made in this world, Why are we here, and where do we ultimately go? In our first episode Venerina talks about reality, belief and destiny, who’s in charge […]

Mind Set Central Welcomes: Venerina Conti

Alternate thinking has always been a major component to Mind Set Central, and to this end we welcome Venerina Conti into the Mind Set family. Venerina is a Healer, life coach and Reiki Master while bringing a strong spiritual element to the site. Venerina maybe familiar to listeners of the Mind Set Podcast, as she […]

Pint Sized Preacher…

This is without doubt one of the most disturbing videos ever recorded. Still only a pre-schooler, Kanon Tipton takes the pulpit at his family’s church and like a seasoned evangelist fervently preaches the gospel, mopping his forehead, shouting, waving his arms, the congregation hanging on his every word. But he’s just 4-years-old. NGC’s Pint-Sized Preachers […]

Evolving Miss USA

I dont know why, but I find the whole creationist debate fascinating. It speaks to a deep philosophical divide in America, and while most would think it is the devision between ignorance and enlightenment, I find it a divide between the lazy and the not so lazy. Just look at the astounding video below. Miss […]

Any Plans for the Weekend? – The Rapture

So its the end of the world this weekend. Yeah I know it sounds like the ravings of the mentally ill, and it probably is, but who knows maybe this Saturday will herald the end of it all. Not too surprisingly the vast majority of people on this planet are not too concerned that it […]

Stephen Hawking – “There is no Heaven”

Cosmologist, Physicist and speculator Stephen Hawking in a recent interview in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, states that “there is no heaven, its all a fairy story”. While Hawkins statement is just as accurate as the conclusion put forth by other people stating definitively that there is a heaven. Hawking will no doubt make headlines the […]