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Nervous Teeth: Episode 4

[audio:] Download MP3 – 28 megs Subscribe to Nervous Teeth This week on Nervous Teeth we tackle some paranormal topics and talk about personal experiences.  As always, despite the interesting and unusual topics some humor as always seeps though… Originally broadcast August 27th, 2005. Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez. Nervous Teeth top 10 […]

Nervous Teeth: Episode 3

[audio:] Download MP3 – 27 megs Subscribe to Nervous Teeth This week the Nervous Teeth Humor slowly begins to emerge, and we touch on some disturbing world issues that are still very relevant today. Originally broadcast August 20th, 2005. Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez. Nervous Teeth top 10 stories of the week: . […]

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Para-Talk: Season 3 Promo

[podcast][/podcast] Download MP3 – 5 megs Subscribe to Para-talk A brief look ahead at the upcoming selection of new episodes of Para-Talk. Gareth and Reeves are planning a selection of topics that are set to please regular listeners, and hopefully attract some new. Para-Talk is coming back! Stay tuned…

The Journey Inward: Episode 4

[audio:] Download MP3 – 20 megs Subscribe to The Journey Inward Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take. This week Venerina and Gareth discuss, Death. What Happens when we die? We all pretend it’ll never happen, but each and every one of us will one day die. This week on the Journey […]

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Para-Talk: Episode 31

[podcast][/podcast] Download MP3 – 21 megs Subscribe to Para-talk And so we come to the end of the second batch of Para-Talk episodes. The season two wrap up episode. Over these 16 episodes we have covered in a very sober manner, some of the strangest “true” cases of the paranormal you are ever likly to […]

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Para-Talk: Episode 30

[podcast][/podcast] Download MP3 – 16 megs Subscribe to Para-talk Three Strange Cases This week on Para-Talk Gareth and Reeves discuss three very strange and seldom heard cases of the paranormal. First up are “The Green Children of Woolpit”, could this have been an extraterrestrial visitation?  Or maybe something more mundain? Next is the strange “Disappearance […]