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The Journey Inward: Episode 10

February 17th, 2013



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Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take.

This week Venerina and Gareth discuss, Guilt and Forgiveness.

We have all been hurt, and we have all hurt others. Intentional or not, how we handle and process these emotions can cause us harm if held close for too long.

This weeks episode delves deep into these feelings and explores why we feel this way, and what we can do to move past these sometimes negative states.

Until Next time...

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Behind The Curtain: Episode 12

February 14th, 2013



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Warning: Spoilers ahead – ‘Behind the Curtain’, unlike any other movie review show. Listen to Gareth and Alex as they dissect their favourite films in true Mind Set style. Asking the questions other shows are afraid to ask and revealing what’s hiding in plain sight.


Altered States (1980)

“Fight it, Eddie. You made it real, you can make it unreal.”

Sealed into an isolation chamber Eddie Jessop shuts himself off from the world. With nothing but his mind to distract him he searches to find if ‘God’ really exists. Yet this is not enough for Eddie – He wants to ‘touch his creator’...

When we dream is our mind simply piecing together random events or are there meanings behind the images? Is hallucination a dreamlike state that we can have whilst being fully conscious?

If our minds literally create ‘reality’, as some scientists suggest, then perhaps dreams open the doorway to the ‘creator’. And if meeting ‘him’ could rip your world apart… Would you want to say hello?

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Para-Talk: Episode 44

February 12th, 2013



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The Cage

This week we have a truly amazing Haunting to discuss.

The Cage is a 500-year-old cottage in St Osyth, Essex UK which is haunted beyond belief!

Listen as Gareth and Reeves thoroughly delve into this case, detailing the events and commenting on its possible validity.

Link: The Cage

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The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 139

February 10th, 2013



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The topics and discussions on this weeks show are mind blowing and the depth is staggering.

Some of the topics, but not all are here:

Chris Dorner on the run

Internet Snooper UK

Secret American Drone Base In Saudi Arabia Revealed

The Middle East…


The hidden history of the human race

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans!

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Para-Talk: Episode 43

February 5th, 2013



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The Haunting of Carnfield Hall

Paratalk returns with a classic haunting! This weeks episode has everything you could hope to find in a classic English haunting. A haunting that continues to this day.

This week Gareth and Reeves discuss the ghostly goings on at an English country house dating from the 15th and 16th Centuries, that routinely demonstrates paranormal phenomena to this very day!

So sit back and enjoy The Haunting of Carnfield Hall...

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Nervous Teeth: Episode 14

January 29th, 2013



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"Send in the Clones..."

Originally broadcast November 5th, 2005.

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez.

Nervous Teeth top 10 stories of the week:

. 15 Year old betrothed to a Cobra!
. Rochester couple has a Halloween mystery on their hands
. Can Blind People See?
. U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather
. Mom admits killing daughter, 8, to rid demon
. Italian laboratory clones 14 pigs
. Pilgrims flock to see Jesus on wardrobe
. Doctor Near-Death
. Racial pride and the weak minded!
. Remember, remember the 5th of November...

All of the above news stories did have links to news sites, but the pages they once connected to no longer exist…

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