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Raelian leader from Iran seeks asylum in Turkey

raelians1Religious intolerance in the Middle East?  Who would believe such a thing!  I'm being sarcastic of course, as the middle east is a hot bed of religious fervor and intolerance.  With the main religion being Islam, and followed closely by the Jews, then throw in a few Christians and you've got a great mix of intolerance and violence.

Ah... Love thy neighbor.

Anyway, it seems that another religion which is just as wacky abet a lot smaller than the rest, is all set to join the intolerance party that is the Middle East.

Enter the Raelians...

The U.N. refugee agency is considering an asylum request from the Iranian leader of a sect that believes in extraterrestrials.  Negar Azizmoradi has been detained in Turkey for not carrying a valid passport and is being held at a refugee detention center in Istanbul.

Her Raelian Movement in Iran says she faces a possible death sentence if sent home.

The group, sometimes referred to as a cult, denies the existence of God and believes life on Earth was created by clones of extraterrestrials.

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