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Mind Set Radio Hour: Episode 21


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This episode of Mind Set Radio Hour hosted by Joe Dunn is about the power and inspiration of music.

In this episode you'll discover new music while taking your mind off reality, while we put you in the vibe of the music!

1. Blonde Summer - "Slow Days Fast Company" 

2. Junk Culture - "Growing-Pains" 

3. Buttonhead - "Champion Bread" 

4. Blackstrap - "Rough Parade" 

5. Eternal Summer - "Millions" 

6. Fergus & Geronimo - "No Parties" 

7. Ubitiquitous Synergy Seeker - "Anti-Venom" 

8. Shawn Lee - "Head Up" 

9. Purity Ring - "Obedear" 

10 Crushed Stars - "Brighter Now" 

11. Post War Years - "Glass House" 

Until next time!

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