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Behind The Curtain: Episode 8

July 29th, 2012



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Warning: Spoilers ahead – ‘Behind the Curtain’, unlike any other movie review show. Listen to Gareth and Alex as they dissect their favourite films in true Mind Set style. Asking the questions other shows are afraid to ask and revealing what’s hiding in plain sight.

The Great Dictator (1940)


In ‘The Great Dictator’ Charlie Chaplin plays both a Jewish barber and Hynkel (a parody of Hitler). Released during the 2nd World War this film is as poignant now as it was then. By turning tragedy to comedy harsh realities fly past your eyes at an alarming rate – together with an ending speech that is a true classic.

Charlie Chaplin: One of the world’s greatest clowns. Beginning with a tragic and poverty led childhood to a life where figureheads (from Churchill to Einstein) jostled to be seen next to him.

An entertainer recognised globally, but one whose ‘political’ viewpoint led to him being exiled from the country that made him famous. A man born in the19th century, with a message for the 21st.



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  1. August 15, 2012

    Great episode! I was just listening to this on my iPad, as all Mindset Central shows are now available on the Stitcher Smart Radio App available for most smart devices! You can grab Behind the Curtain on the go here!

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