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Behind The Curtain: Episode 6

May 25th, 2012



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Warning: Spoilers ahead – ‘Behind the Curtain’, unlike any other movie review show. Listen to Gareth and Alex as they dissect their favourite films in true Mind Set style. Asking the questions other shows are afraid to ask and revealing what’s hiding in plain sight.

The Avengers / Avengers Assemble (2012)

I still believe in heroes.

Building upon a series of successful Marvel superhero movies, The Avengers / Avengers Assemble brings together an unlikely group of ‘heroes’ and unites them against a common enemy. With so many egos at play this film could have easily fallen apart, yet it not only sticks together but forms a great action film… but what it is really telling us?

In times of trouble people flock to entertainment, as a release from the harsh realities around them. Is this part of the reason that ‘Avengers Assemble’ total worldwide earnings have already exceeded $1Billion. What is a hero anyway – Are we worshipping the silver screens image more than those around us? If so – whose image are we being presented with?

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  1. Mike D. #
    May 27, 2012

    Great show Gentelmen! When I see this movie (when it hits dvd or netflix) I will relisten to this episode! Great insights by both Gareth and Alex! Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next show!

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