The Journey Inward: Episode 2


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Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take.

This week on The Journey Inward we discuss Fear, the emotion that stops us all from becoming who we really are.

What is fear? Why is this emotion such a major component in our lives, and how can we combat it and become who we are destined to be.

Join us for The Journey Inward.

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One thought on “The Journey Inward: Episode 2”

  1. Beautiful show! I once heard (and I can not remember where but it may have been David Icke) that fear is the mind killer! Through out the years that has always stuck with me. Venerina, you have amazing insight. When I listen to you I always get this feeling that you are very in touch with your intuition. Intuition seems to be going out the door with advancement of this new world. A lot of people talk about how they are in touch with their inner intuition, but when you really listen they are only repeating information they have heard, and usally bad second hand information at that! In Qabalaistic philosophy we are taught to walk the middle path, meaning balancing logic and reason with creativity and intuiton. Venerina, you are a great example of the middle path. Keep it up!

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