Behind The Curtain: Episode 5


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Warning: Spoilers ahead – ‘Behind the Curtain’, unlike any other movie review show. Listen to Gareth and Alex as they dissect their favourite films in true Mind Set style. Asking the questions other shows are afraid to ask and revealing what’s hiding in plain sight.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

“Please, step forward.  May I have the password?”

Dr ‘Bill’ Harford (Tom Cruise) is rich, successful and married to the beautiful Alice (Nicole Kidman). Yet with his last film, Stanley Kubrick shows us how thin the veneer is within this ‘perfect life’. Using sexual tension to draw us in we are exposed to the couple’s secret worlds away from prying eyes.

With one veil being seductively removed after another we follow the Doctor along the path until we suddenly find ourselves lost and alone, in a dark and far more sinister place.

Is this purely a work of fiction or was the Director, as some have said, showing us through the looking glass to a hidden society that exists within the shadows of our own?

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2 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain: Episode 5”

  1. Best Behind the Curtain yet!! Bealive it or not I have only seen this movie once! And its one of my all time favorites. I think I will finally buy a copy this weekend!
    Great break down! This could have easily been a four hour podcast, like the Matrix theres just so much. Alex, I agree this is a beautiful movie even with the dark themes and undertones. The ritual was great. Almost to accurate, but done very dark. If I walked in on that kind of magick (and that was a dark magick ritual) ritual, wow, I would want to leave lol. Usally I’m not big on nudity in movies(yes typical American lol) but it added to this movie. When I saw it, it was a copy a friend lent me and it was the European version. I really can’t see this movie without the nudity, like the origanal Wicker Man, it adds to the movie rather than being an excuss to have naked women running around.

  2. Thanks Michael. I couldn’t agree more. Kubrick used nudity for effect and with reason – after all, under out clothes we’re all naked… lol. Once we strip away our garments we are exposed – I feel that’s also what was being said with society, that we have to strip away our ‘preconceived understandings’ before we can truely accept what goes on in the shadows…
    A great film imo and there is definately so much more that could be said. Glad you enjoyed listening and thanks for taking time to comment. A. 😉

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