Behind The Curtain: Episode 1


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Warning: Spoilers ahead – ‘Behind the Curtain’, unlike any other movie review show. Listen to Gareth and Alex as they dissect their favourite films in true Mind Set style. Asking the questions other shows are afraid to ask and revealing what’s hiding in plain sight.

The Matrix


“Mr Anderson, I’ve been expecting you…”

The Matrix is a modern day classic. One of the best action films you’re likely to see, whilst at same time dealing with the questions we all ask. Who are we, where are we going and why the hell is that Oracle woman always baking cookies?

But is there more to The Matrix than meets the eye? Although its backdrop might be high tech, pulling us into its virtual world, The Matrix also tells an ancient story of Rebirth and ‘The One’. Laced with symbolism, conspiracy and double meanings we ask what ‘The Matrix’ is really trying to tell us? Are we free to choose our own path or is it sealed in Fate..?


2 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain: Episode 1”

  1. Love this new series on Mind Set Central, keep em’ coming! This first got episode got me inspired to go back and watch The Matrix as Alex and Gareth present an intriguing perspective on this classic movie.

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed this, the matrix first film is one of my all time favourite scifi films and your analysis was great, some really thought provoking stuff towards the end. I’m of the viewpoint these days that the ‘matrix’ is there to program us to externalize control and therefore lose our sense of personal power. Well, this is the stage im at these days, but I have yet to really put this realisation into practice. Just thought I’d mention the Plato’s cave allegory, If you havent come across this in reference to the matrix before, it’s well worth looking into.


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