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Mind Set Daily – March 15, 2012

March 14th, 2012




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Topics covered on today's episode of Mind Set Daily

"Supermoon Event"
An extremely rare lunar event on the night of Jan. 4, 1912, may have set in motion history's most infamous iceberg. The Moon has great influence over the Earth and perhaps not just the tides are the only affected by the Moon. In this story we dig deeper, do you think this supermoon event had an influence over the Titanic's ultimate fate?

Link:  Supermoon Event


"Game Consoles and What They Know About You"

Though it’s designed for gaming, the Kinect can be modified to track other behaviors as well. Scientists have already used devices much simpler than the Kinect to diagnose a variety of behaviors. We have accepted this technology with open arms in the name of entertainment. Perhaps in the future tracking your behaviors and movements will be used in many applications. In this case it all starts with entertainment.

Link:  Game Consoles and What They Know About You


"Laser Guided Lightning"
Nature is something mankind has always attempted to harness and control. In this example we have controlled lighting. More specific laser guided lighting. Scientists have discovered a way to harness and target lightning by using lasers. The targeting lighting can also strike the same point multiple times as well. Can you see where this method of controlling lighting could be headed and the applications that it'll be used for?

Link: Laser Guided Lightning


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