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Globally, Religion has changed. Or has it?

I view truly religious people as very rare, and culturally religious people as very common.  What does that mean?  A new report released by the University of Chicago, which presents “the most comprehensive analysis to date of global religious trends.” report, that seems to speak at cross-purposes concerning the worlds religious beliefs, and provides no clear answers as to the current religious structure of the world.

“Religious change around the world is a complex phenomenon,” the report begins, in an almost comic understatement. “No simple description such as secularization, religious revival, or believing without belonging captures the complexity of the process.”

... so the world is more religious, but not really?

The United States, as often noted, remains unusually religious among advanced industrial nations. Nearly 6 out of 10 Americans pray one or more times each day; high percentages report feeling close to God, experiencing God’s presence or guidance on most days. Faith in God, they say, is “very important” in their lives.


Nonetheless, belief in God has slipped a little, and more Americans, though still believing, acknowledge some uncertainty about God’s existence.


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