The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 76


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Here we are back again with another Mind Set Podcast, and what a show we have for you this week!

No JOKE, Seriously this show is a mind blower!!

This week Gareth and Alex are once again joined by Reeves Cooke and Venerina Conti to take  park in a continuation of last weeks show on Dreams.

But that's not quite how it played out...

Topics discussed on this weeks show:

The Nature of Consciousness


Artificial Intelligence


Book: "For the Guardians of Tomorrow: A New 21st Century Testament for Mankind."

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans!

3 thoughts on “The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 76”

  1. I listened to your podcast tonight and cannot beleive the claims that Venerina made about Madeira having an aftershock type flood (nuclear warhead was mentioned too) after Haiti and that her cliam of 90% of woman having their periods a week before the floods, what a load of bloody rubbish!

    I was fascinated by the chaps book subject, but why bring up the subject then clam up when questioned about it later? Why does Venerinas freind Alex who is going to visit her, will only discuss the subject further after they have met?

    I was in hysterics listening to the subjects you all discuss, and whilst I admire your take on the topics as they are truly fascinating……I just feel that the people you have discussing them, belong in a straight jacket and should be booked in for some electrotherapy!

    You need a debunker to level up the discussions!

  2. Thanks for the feedback ‘someone in madeira’ – interesting points…
    I know Venerina was deeply involved with the floods and its victims and so has reasons for her statements but I’ll leave her to reply on that.
    As for ‘claming up’ – an interesting point in particular for me that – I was under the impression that Mark did not want to publicly mention himself and that he was genuinely concerned for his safety. Even if ‘you’ think that is foolish I feel it should be respected. On the other hand I may have misplaced that feeling for not wanting to share his information… During the cast I felt Gareth was like a dog with a bone – ‘not usually the best way to get information out of me – lol
    The subjects we/I deal with tend to be controversial – for example you might be joking about the straitjackets but if history teaches us anything then it is that independant voices are often feared and consequences do ensue… in other words people DID used to be given electric shock therapy in order to ‘correct their thinking’. Perhaps your statement/joke is the reason people like Mark are concerned for talking in the open?

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