Para-Talk: Episode 8 – The Clapham Wood Mystery


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Strange goings on in the woods...

Sounds like the plot for an old horror movie, but some truly strange things have gone on in this remote English wood.

This week on Para-Talk, Gareth and Reeves discuss the Clapham Wood Mystery.  A Strange tale that runs the gamut of the disturbing, from unexplained lights and disappearances to Satanism and murder...

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3 thoughts on “Para-Talk: Episode 8 – The Clapham Wood Mystery”

  1. This episode has a lot of errors in it. I’ll just briefly mention two.

    Reeves gets the time line wrong on some events. It leaves the impression that the Friends of Hecate were known about before Charles Walker’s meeting with the member, but that isn’t the case.

    Also, Harry Snelling’s body was not found in Clapham Wood. It was found near Wiston Barn. He was walking home from Findon to Steyning (and it was 1978, not 1981 as the broadcast said). Such a route would not take him near Clapham Woods.

  2. Hi James

    Thanks for your feed back and correction. I hope you will continue to listen and enjoy to the show.

    Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

  3. Thanks for the rely Reeves.

    I enjoy the show and look forward to new broadcasts.


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