Japan: Earthquake & Tsunami, Deliberate Attack

Could it be possible that the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan earlier this month was not a natural event?

Could it be that it was an elaborate planned attack on the country using high tech weaponry, hidden from the public?

As outlandish as this may sound, the following interview from ExopoliticsTV paints a very different picture.  This is a must see interview, that if nothing else will give you food for thought.

For those of you that would like an audio copy of this amazing interview, we have ripped the audio from the YouTube clip and present it as an MP3 below.



2 thoughts on “Japan: Earthquake & Tsunami, Deliberate Attack”

  1. oh – Gareth you did not mention it was Leuren Moret… I told you before. I have alot of respect for her. She has been Very vocal and knowledgable on the use of Depleted Uranium. Even before I listen to all of the interview I am sure it will be valuable. I’ll comment again after listening.

  2. It is because I repsect and have followed Leuren’s work for a long time that I take her words seriously. We should listen closely to her…

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