The Amityville Ghost Photograph

The Amityville Horror was not only a successful book and film that just claimed to be a "true" story, some researchers have stated that the events portrayed in the book and film were real and have photographic evidence, and eyewitness testimony to prove it.

Below are a series of time lapsed photographs taken in 1976, during an investigation in to the "haunting" of the Amityville house. The investigation itself took place after George and Kathy Lutz, the former owners of the house, fled one night in January in absolute terror, due to the otherworldly goings-on experienced there.

A time lapse camera was placed a the top of the stairs to record the upstairs landing throughout the night.  Most of the photographs were unimpressive and contained nothing, but one contained something very strange...

The final image, above and blown up for detail, seems to show a small child who is either wearing glasses, or has glowing eyes?

The investigators claim that no-one was upstairs during the time these pictures where taken, and that no children where present in the house at all.

While the whole "Amityville Horror" story is wrought with controversy, and has pretty much been relegated to the hoax category, these images add an interesting quality to this otherwise highly dubious case.

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