Moon Base and NASA’s blind spot…

India has done it again! This time scientists at the Indian Research Organisation have found a GIANT UNDERGROUND CAVE on the Moon – measuring 1.7km long and 120m wide!

Such an area could prove excellent for the construction of a moon base, but we really should be asking why the ‘winners of the space race’ have been so bad at finding anything of interest on Planet Earths Satellite. Or has this and other knowledge been kept from us?

Why are these lunar features only being discovered by latecomers to the space race (India and Japan). Is it because they have better satellites? Or has this information been suppressed by the American and Russian Space agencies? If so, why and what else is being kept from us?

Back in November 2009 it was reported how the Japanese had found a hole and ‘Lava Tubes’ on the Moon
Then 6 months later NASA was showing its more detailed imagery of the hole, measuring 130m wide! (with others also being found)
In August 2010 on the MindSet Space Podcast I talked on how it was also an Indian Satellite that confirmed the existence of water on the moon.

With Lava Tubes and Giant hidden caves penetrating a Wet lunar soil – we get a very different image of the Moon, compared to its barren, bare and dusty surface that we were shown over 40 years ago – and it seems to be Japan and India who are leading the way…














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