The Hands Resist Him

In the 1970’s American artist Bill Stoneham created what is known today as the eBay haunted painting. The painting ( The Hands Resist Him ) depicts a preteen boy and girl standing in front of glass door. Bill the artist says the door in which they stand in front of  is a depiction of the doorway between our world and the dream world.

The painting wile on display in a Los Angeles gallery was purchased by well known actor John Marley. In 1984, Marley died at age 76 following open-heart surgery. The painting was said to have moved to the possession of a California couple after it had been found strangely abandoned on the site of an old brewery.

The soon couple decided to sell the painting, they claimed the painting carried a curse. They told how they though the two children in the painting would appear to move at night. They also claimed that any room where the painting was displayed the children would manifest in the room.

In February 2000 the couple had enough and decided to place the painting on eBay for sale, but with a warning that they considered it to be haunted. News of the painting and its sale on eBay spread quickly around the online paranormal community gaining the paintings first bid of $199.00, but the bids did not stop there, 29 more bids later the painting sold for an amazing $1.025.00.

The wining eBay buyer, Perception Gallery contacted the artist Bill Stoneham and related the strange story of its auction on eBay and their acquisition of it. He reported being quite surprised by all the stories. Bill Stoneham recalls that both the owner of the gallery in which the painting was first displayed, and the art critic who reviewed it, died within one year of coming into contact with the painting.

A cursed painting, is this possible? I certainly have read of many stories over the years of individuals who claimed they have owned haunted objects. I’m not one to say this is all bunkum, I do believe this area needs more research. Unfortunately I think the research required will be a long time coming.

If I were to try and explain what is going on here, the only logical answer I could give you is that these objects rather then actually being haunted, are in some way capturing some form of energy of their creator!

I know, sounds "out there" right!  But remember, next time you see that old collectible in the antique shop window for a bargain price, think again, because you might take home with you a little more than you bargained for!

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