The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 56


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Finally we're Back! Well sort of...

With Peter on assignment, Mind Set Alum Alex Fate jumped in to save the day and provide us with a superb show, a show sure to kick start the thinking part of the brain.

Diving straight into the unusual without missing a beat, Alex talks in depth about a recently discovered Moon mystery, and what a mystery it is!

Moon Pictures Here.

An unseen hand in Egypt?: With the Egyptian revolution over, and a new beginning for the country on the horizon, we talk about a possible end game for the restructuring of the Middle East. Could this be the start of NWO empire building?

Algeria Next?: Building on the previous story, it seems that the country of Algeria might me next in the plan to re-shape the Middle East.

Clinton and the Mysterious Ambassador recall: With the United States collective eyes firmly planted on the "ball", something very sinister took place during Super Bowl Sunday. We discuss this very strange event, and wonder what really maybe going on.

QDDR document Here

High Speed Rail: Whats the deal? Strange current push for high speed trains in the United States and Europe, we wonder why the move from Airlines?

Russian Terrorist: From the United States and Europe, all the way to the Middle East and Russia, terrorism is the current boogey man. To illustrate the this fact, we present a photograph of the number one Russian Terrorist currently at large.

Russian Terrorist Doku Umarov Here

United Kingdom Big Society: A new push by the UK government to place power in to local committees. Sound too good to be true? We talk about why this move is nothing more that a con, but an ingenuous one at that!

The Anonymous Hacking Group: The hacking group who defended Wikileaks, and have attacked major corporations and the FBI are discussed. We also touch upon the Internet kill switch, and deep underground computer networks.

The Palantir Wikileaks documents are Here

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans!

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