Controlling Revolution


A couple of posts ago I spoke of how the Tunisian Revolution has increased the unrest in Egypt. And here I spoke of reports that Egypt was blocking web access to certain sites.

The Egyptian government denied this but the allegations persisted…

Now it seems that reporting of the unrest is too much for the government to handle and the Internet is simply being ‘switched off’!

There are no ‘magic on/off switches’ for Presidents and Prime-Ministers to flick – there are procedures and controls already in place in every country. Egypt is a great example of this.

We are often reminded that President Obama could use a ‘big red switch’ to ‘turn off’ the internet.

Also we are told of the tight control that China has over its use of the internet, for example restricting micro blogging

What we are not told so often is how switches are turned on and off daily by security agencies world wide. If you want proof to how countries can control the internet simply look at the recent Tunisian revolution and current Egyptian uprising.– Mainstream media is now reporting (allegedly) how Facebook passwords were being stolen by the former Tunisian Government and also how Egypt blocked Twitter/Bambuster at key times.

Make no mistake – If the power that be want to ‘control’ the internet. They can.

But what is the underlying message here too? And why are we hearing of this?
Could it be to help make controlling the internet seem acceptable or even necessary… Like the threat of terrorism being used to justify tighter controls on our freedoms – will the use of ‘Revolution’ be used to justify the control of the internet?

One last thought – let us also consider in these times of turmoil. What an opportunity they represent for the security agencies. Who will set up the new power structures and what will be their agendas..?

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