Cancer – Man Made.

'A study of ancient bodies has determined that cancer is a man-made disease, one fueled by the excesses. Tumors turn out to be extremely rare until very recent times, when pollution and poor diet became issues.

Researchers analyzed potential references to the disease in classical literature, and also searched for signs in the fossil record and in mummified bodies. But despite examining tissue from hundreds of Egyptian mummies, they confirmed only one case of cancer.'

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One thought on “Cancer – Man Made.”

  1. Cancer has long been talked of as a man-made illness – and there have also been many ‘natural cures’ talked about. What exactly is cancer anyway or more precisely what is it that gets diagnosed as cancer..?
    These types of questions have been asked for many an illness (HIV being one of the most topical today)
    An example of the range of information that is ‘out there’ but not common knowledge is a book that was also ‘shown’ to me recently. Although I have not read it yet it (so cannot comment on its content) synchronicity is an interesting thing – so I thought I would share it with you too.
    There is always more to to see than meets the eye 😉

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