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Don’t Mind this Advertisement

I want to throw these out for our readers without putting any of my preconceptions into your first impression of these ads.  So watch these new Burger King commercials currently airing on a TV near you!  and leave a comment on your impressions, or do you just see a normal nothing to see here commercial?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Mind this Advertisement”

  1. Well I can give a quick rundown of the top video…

    Firstly whatever is/is not in the video it clearly has been carefully designed:-

    Diversity in product:
    Although the song/focus is on the breakfast range they manage to show people; eating off a plate with a fork, from a bowl, from the hand and both hot/colds drinks.
    Diversity in People:
    BK are seemingly ‘young/middle-aged and affluent’ being; White, Black, Asian, Male, Female, suited, casual and workers/uniformed. So much diversity – even a ginger haired person is included (remember this is not a random selection of actors…)

    However from this list it’s interesting to see what is missing
    Eg They are not children or the old… They are also not sick/large overweight and alone…

    From doors, number plates, car exhausts, garden arrangements – IMO symmetry is key to the adverts design. For example, look at the very opening scene – the man in bed has identical side units with similar lamps arranged symmetrically each side of the bed. One side, the ILLUMINATED morning sun side has more objects/life to it.

    PARAMEDICS are clearly labeled and seen enjoying a good morning BK. Obviously this has to mean it is a healthy option – so much so it also seems to revive a injured man to his feet!

    Firstly the ad’ takes place in a clean organized American suburb, with shiny cars and bright sunlight. How nice 
    Constant references to time (I guess the product is a breakfast range) – but look how clearly watches are displayed. Except for certain cases, obviously flute players and sexy girls have no need for time… btw – is this man the pied piper…?
    I also feel the 1202 address implies that after breakfast, BK will also be suitable for your midday meal… – the times shown move directly from 7 to 12.

    Does not sell [an often misunderstood thing IMHO], but it does distract and allow for sales to be encouraged/promoted. I will try not to comment on a sexy girl both ‘sucking and spraying’ at the same time – except to say of course I too noticed her…

    This was used/implied in several locations – I assume to say that BK is important enough to ‘stop your life’ and take in some ‘healthy and tasty reconstituted chicken’.

    Other symbols dotted around – the BK ‘swish’ [snake?] was recreated on several sign designs – the man exercising may have had a pyramid logo on his shirt (difficult to tell) and I’m unsure why but I also noticed several references of white dogs… plus the subtle inclusion of the American stars and stripe flag.

    Well – that’s enough for now. There is a lot more in there (colourschemes/music/etc). So I think the guys creating it did a good job to fit it all in but I guess that’s what they do. The name Luke was prominent – I’d be interested to know why this was. Or do you think I’ve missed something important? Do tell. 😉

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