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Sinead Speaks Out

September 20th, 2010


Sinead O'Connor has always been out spoken and uncompromising in her beliefs, so much so that her highly controversial appearance on NBC's Saturday Night Live in 1992 virtually destroyed her career over night.  Up until that moment, Sinead had been a very successful rock artist with a vibrant and growing fan base, all to be washed away by tearing up a picture of the Pope and speaking out against Child Abuse in the Church.

Now, during the current Pope's visit to the British Isles and the wave of protests held there, it seems that  Sinead was in fact way ahead of the curve in speaking out against the atrocities of the Church.  Sadly, for those people who are justifiably protesting this outrage, they are unfortunately completely unaware that this current church scandal is just the tip of the hierarchy of power's abuse iceberg...

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  1. September 22, 2010

    Sinead was really really good. Got out all the points she wanted to make , was very clear and precise – and presented it in a way even I could understand in one helping. Wearing the badge was killer. She needs to lose the hair though.

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