The Slow Creep into Tyranny

Recently a few of us were on Skype discussing the difference in an individuals freedom of speech depending on the country you reside in.  When I questioned how a country like England got its speech regulated to limit hate speech, it was not shocking to learn it passed without any real debate.  In my opinion political correctness is used to stifle, limit, or completely avoid debate and communication on very important issues that face us almost everyday.

In the USA we do not have hate crime laws yet but I can see forces seemingly steering us in that direction.  To further drive fear into people to not speak or think without the permission of the state.

In recent news the media circus engine has churned out an overly exagerated religious conflict (Koran burnings and unfounded concerns over a community center).  In my opinion these events are examples of free speech on both sides.  The real offense is those who are offended over Bible and Koran burnings and not the manufactured hate and racism we have been programmed with in order to justify going to war and killing hundreds of thousands of people in this corrupt crusade between the west and Islamic Arabs.

Instead the American public is being manipulated into wanting to stop the hate speech, not at its source but by banning these book burnings if it offends another group.  Thus setting a precendent in America that if ones actions or speech offends we should ban it.  Freedom of Speech needs to not be restricted or defined so loosely that you cannot discuss certain topics for fear of reprise.  Ask those in England how easy it is to slip into restricted free speech and then to a point where you can face fines or jail.  I for one am tired of these nanny state practices!

One thought on “The Slow Creep into Tyranny”

  1. As I understand it, the term ‘politically correct’ was first used in Soviet Russia (after it became horrifically repressive) to define anything that disagreed with Stalin’s unelected Central Committee.

    Yes, it’s quite crafty the way the authorities in the UK have slowly gone about limiting our freedoms of expression and getting us all to censor ourselves. It’s even getting to the stage where we’re all becoming apologists, ashamed of our own country’s history, and any patriot with the Britsh flag is automatically branded a fascist.

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