The Moving Martian Rock

There are many Martian anomalies, some of which were discussed of a recent Mind Set Podcast Round-table, these anomalies cover everything from Pyramids, Faces, trees and glass tunnels.

But moving rocks? Get the fuck outta here!

This particular mystery has recently surfaced thanks to the good 'ol boys over at Above Top Secret, and while this story may have been floating around the Internets for some time, it has only recently caught my conspiring eye.

I'm not really going to get into the whats and whys this particular rock maybe on the move, but just present the pictures as is, and let the MSC readers scratch their collective heads and mumble to themselves as they stumble back the the fridge.

So here goes...

Picture 1.


Picture 2.

This is basically a close up of the right hand corner of Picture 1.  Take a look at the rock in the center.  Now you see it!

Picture 3.


Now you Don't!

Check out the top left had corner, 3 days later Rock gone..!

Picture 4.

WTF? Rock vanished from where it was in Picture 1, and not hiding where the second marker is placed.

Picture 5.


Top center of Picture 5.  A week later Guess who's back!

Picture 6.

7 days later the rock reappears, and it has moved from its original place in Picture 1.  to the left side of the boulders. 

So what's going on here? NASA's explanation was that the pictures are taken from different perspectives so there is an illusion that the rock moves. While its clear that the pictures are taken from different angles, the angle is not enough to explain that kind of moment from the rock in question.

As I see it, there are two possible explanations.

1. someone/thing moved the rock.

2. That aint no rock...

4 thoughts on “The Moving Martian Rock”

  1. Cool pics! At first I just thought, oh shadow but when I scrolled down to see the other pictures I started to form another conclusion. That rock is not a rock!

  2. Am I the only one who sees big, dark eyes on the “rock” as it sits between the other “rocks” Zoom in and look about half-way down on the “rock” I swear I see eyes on either side of the thing looking right at the camera.

  3. Look kind of like something rearing up, and looking at the rover. Took me a minute but it reminds me of the underside of a fossil I once saw. It was a trilobite or a member of its species.

    I don’t know….it’s def not a rock as we think of rocks

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