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The Nordic Motorway Mystery

Via Colin

Famed Crop Circle researcher Colin Andrews has posted a truly bizarre and thought provoking piece on his web site, concerning apparently "other-worldly" women with super-human strength and resistance to pain.

The event happened on May 17th, 2008 on the M6 Motorway in England, and is truly a head scratching event.  Two women, who are twin sisters from Sweden, appear to be disoriented, confused and have an apparent strong wish to die.   At least on the surface  it looks that way.  Why else would they run in to traffic on one of the UK's busiest motorways?

It must be a death wish, surely?

Maybe a suicide pact?

Why were they so completely impervious to pain?

Why where these "nordic" sisters yelling, "Call the police" and "They are tryng to take our organs", when the Police were at the scene and actively trying to restrain them?

Why did it take 6 Police men to restrain these women?

Astounding incident on the M6 motorway in England. Two woman exhibit telepathic connection and super human abilities, some would say demonic. A shocking case which some believe was a scheduled event which even the police became part of. Some think that the woman were not of this Earth and others that this was a very rare mental illness experienced by one and lived out by both..
You will be shocked as the whole series of events are caught on film (and 'that's another story)..

The pictures and video of this event has to be seen to be belived.  Something very strange was stumbled upon by the Police that day.  What exactly we may never know...

Full Story with Pictures and Video Here

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  1. This is a fascinating case that happened some time ago – at the time legal reasons meant that certain information couldn’t be released. Recently there was a very good documentry on the case… the two women were twins – niether had drugs found in their body’s. One of them was released and soon after befriended a man who she then stabbed to death – one of her defences was that she suffered from a literal medical ‘moment of madness’ – there was the suggestion that one was ‘mental issues’ and the other superimposed that understanding upon herself. It truely is fascinating on so many levels… and as they are still alive there is so much more to tell. It reminded me of poeple being placed under the control of others, where they can be told to act against the will – and also the fear of those in authority – not believing those in uniforms to be the real police.

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