The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 38


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It's Round Table time again here on Planet Mindset, and with not a little green man in sight.

Hosts Gareth Davies and Peter Glynn were joined in their capsule by regulars Dorian Bryan, Alex Fate and Steve "Piration" in the ultimate discussion on all things 'Space'.

Everything (well, almost) was probed along a linear timeline.

The Origins of Man: Who are we? How long have we been here? Where have we come from? And where are we going?

The Moon: Earth's nearest companion and our fascination with her - but what dark secrets does she hold?

Mars: The Red Planet with new hidden treasures now being unearthed. Has evidence of a past civilisation been uncovered?

The Secret Space Program: Extra terrestrial officers, invisible moon shots - what is being hidden from us?

And of course...

UFOs: But do we want to believe a little too much?

Until next week, Peace Out Humans…

3 thoughts on “The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 38”

  1. Download it now, it is full of cuddly kittens and rainbows!

    I hope all enjoy I thought we opened up some excellent views of our universe and its possibilities. These Roundtables contain a group of guys actually talking about the questions in all of our minds that we usually all don’t get to openly debate on. Even though many times those of us on the panel could disagree with someone else’s viewpoint we could actually do it with open minds and without shouting the other side down as being WRONG!

    Very refreshing IMHO.

  2. Also I apologize for sounding rude to Peter when I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying because I got lost on his first points. Trying to process 3 other guys excellent comments while getting read to respond is sometimes an overload. Which is why I like my rewind button that I don’t get to use in Live recording 🙂

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