“W” is for Worry…

Not really sure what to make of this one, as it could be absolutely nothing.  but I add it to these pages, as something a little more than just a mere curiosity.  The subject being Tony Blair's forehead.

From being elected Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1997, Tony Blair has had his fair share of political turmoil as presented to the public.  In reality who knows what went on behind closed doors...

Tony Blair in 1997, when elected

The image above shows the newly elected Tony Blair outside the Prime Ministers residence.  Pay special attention to Blair's forehead.  Not a mark in sight..

"W" is for worry, or is it a Dub-Ya?

This is an image is from 2006, almost 10 years after the election, and you can clearly see the "W" engraved on the forehead.  Could it be stress related?

Dr Patrick Bowler, head of the BACD, told the Sunday Times he would advise Mr Blair to "resign tomorrow" as the W wrinkles were a sign of "serious" stress.

He said: "Stress causes all sorts of hormones and adrenaline to run around the body, which causes the blood vessels to constrict. That causes malnutrition of the skin, and starves it of oxygen. This cause you to age more.

"What happens is your body can cope with the stress and strain for a few years, and then it lets go, and you begin to age rapidly. I've seen that happen to Blair in the last two years - he has aged rapidly."

Link to 2006 news story Here

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