Virtual Reality, Not So Virtual In Your Mind

As technology rapidly advances we need to see beyond the reasons we are told for the new changes and see what harm they may cause.

Recently on a show called Cutting through the Matrix the host made an insightful connection.  We believe from countless books and other information the elite want to move everyone into austerity.  We have been on a continual maneuver towards sustainability and that means a goal of stripping us of our possessions and our materialistic needs.  With the deluge of tech devices and services over the last decade we have been able to get rid of many possessions already.

Digital media alone has moved many into owning a digital copy of music, video, photographs, and so on.  Not only this but people are also selling and getting rid of their physical versions of these items just because they have a copy on some 3rd party cloud server outside of constitutional control (in America). 

UPDATED THOUGHT: To "steal" or lose these possessions one might only need violate a law and no longer be "authorized" to have access to a future proposed internet.

Where today majority sheep will say they have nothing to hide and let there be internet access restrictions and licenses, tomorrow that license also connects you to a lifetime of "possessions" all stored to the cloud.  In sum people are moving towards having less, to get us ready for more extreme measures of austerity and ways to punish people.

Virtual reality is another tech that has been on the horizon in sci-fi for decades and I believe will be a new phase in the elite plan.  Following along the lines of virtual gaming worlds like Farmville, the Sims, and Second Life where masses of people learn to trade in the real world currency in exchange for virtual credits to buy virtual goods.  You know just like after another financial collapse many will be living on less almost "virtually" living.

Right now we are entertained and distracted by our fun toys and gadgets.  In a future world of limited resources, keeping people happy and controlled will most likely be achieved through the assistance of virtual reality technologies.  Stimulate the same reward areas of the brain that light up under interactions with material needs.  Get the same false sense of happiness, only without the physical item and its resource requirements.

Even worse than these possibilities from virtual reality, new studies are being done to see the effects of virtual reality on the way people act and think.

At Barcelona University, male volunteers have experienced life as a virtual young girl and then separately, witnessed violence towards her On returning to live the girl’s virtual life, the men empathized with her more than usual, feeling scared and insecure themselves.  “I want to know whether you can use virtual reality, not just to transform the place you are in but also to transform your very self,” said Mel Slater, lead researcher at the Catalan Institute of Research and Advanced Studies

With the brain altering abilities of current 3D media and now virtual reality... images of Clockwork Orange comes to mind.
My question is this... if this kind of behavioral modification can be accomplished in virtual reality, is it not also true similar effects have been achieved with television and movies?

5 thoughts on “Virtual Reality, Not So Virtual In Your Mind”

  1. A great and important article. It makes perfect sense.
    For further insight into possibilities of a credit/points based monetary system I urge you to watch this presentation by a software company about the psychology of motivating users through gaming techniques using credit reward systems. The last section is a real eye opener.
    When you reach the part in the presentation talking about the user being able to be more efficient with their points usage, to me, that is key. The dynamic of using a computer to analyse daily points to suggest ways of boosting them is the system reaching and controlling the individual as in 1984. All done through a computer algorithm. You have to laugh really!

    Search the term dice facebook presentation

  2. Great connection Wibble! I saw this video awhile back and have always used it for a perfect reference for where this virtual currency gaming system can grow into soon. It is scary because I can definitely see it heading this way, like the guy in the presentation says, how can it not?

    I wonder if we will get points for turning in suspected neighbor patriots…err terrorists in our communities, as well.

  3. I added a few lines at the end of my first paragraph in the article. I felt it necessary to tie in these luming issues to point out how moving your personal possessions to digital control and net freedom issues left unchecked NOW, can possibly be very harmful for our futures.

  4. This topic is very close to me Piration – what is reality and who we are – or who we are not…
    Reality IMHO works on so many levels. As for having the tech pushed at us look at the funfamentals we have been given ‘free’ – facebook/googlemaps/etc – the way in which we find and connect to people has already been shifted to a new dimension – that of the abstract. Turn on the Sat Nav – Turn off your brain…
    But please do not think I am against technology – far from it. It makes me sad though that so few sit down and consider the foundations upon which these things hinge.
    On the other side of the coin there is a phrase that I also like – “The things you own end up owning you…”

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