Ads That ‘Stalk’ You

Several months ago I was looking to purchase a small, cheap video camera, which I could carry around without too much bother and constantly be on hand, in case a UFO was to fly by or something...

After surfing to the usual online stores and checking camera features and prices, I was ultimately led to the Flip HD line of cameras.  One of which I did eventually purchase, and have been very happy with it.

What was strange about this online shopping experience was that months after the purchase I notices that whenever I browsed the web, Flip HD ads would follow me!  No matter what site I visited, or what content I was browsing, there somewhere on the page was an ad for a Flip HD?

I had discovered, the Ads That Stalk you...

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One thought on “Ads That ‘Stalk’ You”

  1. Clear your cookies after every browsing session, or you’re gonna get tracked. There’s a company known as Phorm that installed its own servers at a number of ISPs, and it gives them the capability of tracking everyone and recording every site we visit.

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