Shaken not stirred – Deep Earthquakes

With the world suffering from what seems to be a range of intense and widespread natural disasters I thought I’d also highlight its recent earthquake activity. Although earthquakes happen regularly in general we take little notice of them, if they do not affect us directly (ie cause damage to peoples lives).

One of the main reasons that earthquakes do not cause a lot of damage is that their epicenter can be located very deep. Such was the case this week as strong earthquakes shock our earth:-

Reported 11th August - Quake rocks Vanuatu in South Pacific

Reported 12th August - Ecuador hit by 6.9-magnitude earthquake

Reported 14th August - Strong 7.2 quake reported at sea south-west of Guam

When I say these were strong the last two reports recorded a magnitude of 7.2. Conventional measurements place anything over a value of 7 as being Major with serious damage over large areas possible. For example 7.0 was the intensity of the Haiti earthquake.

How to measure Earthquakes

If you would like to find more information up to date earthquake reports can be found Here

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