Burger, Chips and Statins

Imperial College London health researchers are suggesting that statins be handed out in fast food restaurants as part of a drive to cut down heart disease. They say the 5p per pill preparation will offset the negative effects of the junk food, and cite a 7oz burger and milkshake as an example where one dose would cut out that fat intake therein.

There is no doubt that the drug helps patients who have already had a heart attack.  There is dubious evidence though that Statins are useful as a preventative measure.  Yet their use has rocketed in people hoping to prevent a heart attack.

Statins is big business and is now the most prescribed drug on the planet.
"There's a conspiracy of false hope" states Dr. John Abramson of Harvard Medical School.
But whilst people seek a magic pill shortcut to good health, so will commercial incentives take the lead in prescription practices.

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3 thoughts on “Burger, Chips and Statins”

  1. If people are so concerned with their health when eating this food why don’t they just cut back or stop eating it altogether. I used to think it was just us Americans who liked to be able to “have our cake and eat it too” only it is becoming widespread, this new mentality.
    “I want my Big Mac,”
    “But Sir that will surely kill you!”
    “I don’t care I want it! You know what make me a pill so I can keep shoveling crap into my face, and get 30 ADMITTED medical side effects a bunch more complications we don’t know of as well, but at least it will hold back my arteries from clogging with cholesterol so I can eat twice as much junk food…and most likely cancelling out the pill’s limiting effects!”

    Also this is unrelated but interesting nonetheless to connect this article to the subject of health. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig5/mercola51.1.html I come across many of these health articles actually stating the opposite of things we have been led to believe for decades. Sound familiar to many of the lies we deal with constantly?

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