Human Experiments Deemed Humane

Naturally the RSPCA are happy bunnies as it emerges that a new testing method is available to spare lab animals further suffering.

They might be less pleased when a finger points towards them and a large man say's, "Oi you, over here. And drop 'em"

(This is possibly worst case scenario, but it's best to be warned in advance of these things.)

Testing on humans is now being cited as 'humane'.  I am not sure how much more one could twist language but this possibly takes the carrot.

Purring with satisfaction, the Royal Society states on its website: "We welcome news that artificial human skin can now be used to test chemicals for irritation, saving hundreds of laboratory rabbits from suffering and distress."

Ok, so it's only artificial human skin.  So why not just call it artificial skin?  Why press the human aspect.

The thin end of the wedge.

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One thought on “Human Experiments Deemed Humane”

  1. Peter, this made me paws and think…It is only right that they test their artificial chemicals on artificial skin.

    These studies will only show how fake skin reacts, so what good is it?

    Anyway, the true testing is taking place as we use their products, drugs, food, whatever. Doctors, and the medical system, aren’t interested in actually improving our health, but serve to carry out, design, and document, their experiments.

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