Is The Latest Superbug A Superhumbug?

Reports of a new anti-biotic resistant, unbeatable superbug are today widespread across the media outlets.

Whilst Swine and Bird Flu pandemics failed to kill us off, New Delhi-Metallo-1  (NMD-1 ) is being touted as the next great danger to mankind.

Thankfully, at least according to experts , there is no cure from this one.   This is 'the end'.  So no need to pump vast amounts of our funds into pharma companies.

According to Professor David Livermore, from the Health Protection Agency, who co-wrote the research with Professor Timothy Walsh from Cardiff University, said: 'The NDM-1 problem is likely to get progressively worse in the foreseeable future.

The potential for wider international spread and for NDM-1 to become endemic worldwide are clear and frightening.'


So anything else to add, Professor?

Oh , one other thing.

"The superbug was not normally dangerous to humans but could combine with more severe conditions to pose a health risk. "

Next please...

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One thought on “Is The Latest Superbug A Superhumbug?”

  1. Peter, you’re right about it being a sort of panic-button pressing, non-threat. But here’s what bugs me about this.

    From the article.

    “…co-ordinated international surveillance is needed,”

    “…that could lead to the end of antibiotics.”

    So I’m thinking they want to limit, or even take antibiotics from our use, if and when, we truly need them. And to also perhaps, restrict international travel.

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