Creeping Democracy

Democratic election results are always more convenient when known in advance.  It simply saves time in organizing the victory celebrations.

Despite people still queuing up to make their choice at the polls, lorries of beer and food - driven by the country's military - are parked up waiting for the the party to begin.

Rwandan President, Paul Kagame , helped the political process by banning opposition parties and instating toothless political allies as his only competitors.

Critics report intimidation of opposition members, journalists and lawyers.

The elections may seem tainted, yet many in Rwanda see Kagame as their only hope.

Perhaps it is harsh to expect Rwanda to fully embrace what most  people in the West would see as the full democratic process.   Small steps at such an early stage of Rwanda's rehabilitation show progress.

16 years ago Rwanda was known only for its genocide and tribal carnage.  Now it is one of the stable governments of Africa.

Kagame - and his lack of credible opposition - has seen to that.

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