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Llandrillo : The Welsh Roswell?

Crash Mountain Above Llandrillo

This week the British Government released papers relating to an incident which occurred in January 1974. A thirty year embargo had prevented the public from seeing official findings of what was reported to be a crashed UFO in the Berwyn Mountains near to the village of Llandrillo in North East Wales.

A Government official declared that the incident was of natural phenomena rather than extra terrestrial. To this day, the Berwyn Mountain Incident is still referred to as 'The Welsh Roswell'.
If the event WAS of natural consequences, then why slap a thirty year rule upon it? Mrs. Pat Evans ( Nurse) from the village was adamant in her statements. She was a well respected figure, straightforward and honest.

Her story - together with the statements from Farmer Williams - are not easily dismissible. Nor are the people who continue to step forward, the latest being in 2008 when the Government released papers regarding UFO sightings in the UK, yet not the Berwyn Incident. Click below for a Mindset Special Report from the area around where the incident occurred. Then read Andy Roberts' excellent text on the case.

Andy Roberts' Excellent Article HERE

One thought on “Llandrillo : The Welsh Roswell?”

  1. Peter, thanks for going on location, and for this report.

    On the show you said it may well be government craft. I tend to think UFOs are MIC experiments and drills, with their flying machines, drones, weapons, and who knows what else. They’re testing their stuff somewhere, right? People are probably killed during these trials, right?

    The MIC+ help in keeping the UFO stories going because it serves as a cover for their operation.

    The Flying Objects are Unidentified to us…not them.

    Na-Nu Na-Nu

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