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A Digital Prison

Moto Droid X

I was going to title this post "A Digital Prison - Excuses for Not Posting and Disappearing from the World", but I thought that was overkill. Anyone of you reading this who has dabbled just a little in the esoteric and parapolitcal or you are just conspiratorially paranoid should know about privacy and information awareness. I just recently got a Motorola Droid X (I am not associated with Moto, Verizon or Google) and I think this thing is fantastic it has just absorbed me for days and many friends of mine own similar devices and at work we are all glued into the constant web or other entertainment on our phones. Calling these mini-personal computers phones is really a mockery to all that they really do and occasional ya they can be used to make calls.

In a day where even I am paranoid of how much personal information everyone collects on me it seems pointless when you own one of these devices and you believe that companies like Google and Verizon have open sharing with government access. Not to mention the worry of having your personal information stolen by installing a nefarious third-party application to the device. Perhaps these are similar hurdles we have come to surpass in our connections to computers already but the smart phone has many more ways of collecting a detailed dataset on an individual. With the power of Google behind it who knows the kind of collections of profiles they have on people.

An informational video on Google's range of "interests"

For a certain populace of conspiracy minded people who were worried about implanted chips who stated hell no I won't get one. If that same person owns a smartphone they are basically chipped with a way more advanced tracking device. It may be external from the body but who (of those that treasure electronics enough to own a smartphone) goes anywhere without their phone?

Here is a summary of just some of the features of the Droid X powered by the Android operating system made by Google:

3 microphones for picking up excellent quality sound

Fairly accurate and fast voice commands, navigation and recognition throughout the device's apps.

>1000 meter accuracy location awareness even when user has turned off GPS (using cell location services)

Near 3-10 meter accuracy with GPS

720p HD camcorder and 8MP camera to get a clear picture of anything going on.

Internal magnet that obtains orientation and movement of the phone

Required Gmail login for phone's complete integration and cloud sync with Google services including calendar, email, contacts, docs, search history, and more.  Remember the constitution's 4th amendment is currently interpreted by the courts to not cover information in the cloud.

Many thousands of apps can be obtained on the device to collect numerous information on the individual.

Usually your most personal information can be found on this device, your SMS text messages, email correspondence, who you call, who you associate with, where you go, what your interests are. It wouldn't take a pro CIA agent to pick up a pattern from you and build a psychological evaluation of someone from all this.

Well with all that knowledge here I am holding my Droid and loving it in a sad foolish way.

4 thoughts on “A Digital Prison”

  1. very true… of course all technology can be used for ‘good/bad’ purposes – but if you desire was to track everyone what better system than to get the people to ask for it… and for them to pay for it too. lol. In my opinion this not where we should be focussing our concerns (ie it’s already here) but just look at how ‘tracking/cmaeras/etc’ has changed over the last 10 years and project it forwards another 10. It seems that people are oblivious to what is to come – there is never a strong debate on how tech is placed into society before it arrives. Obviously some may say a debate would not change anything – but it wouldn’t hurt either…
    One day, not far away, our children will be video as they play a game on the back of a cereal packet and have thier data compared before they get to school… they will automatically being recorded – it will be the norm’ and those who disagree will for a seperate underclass… I wonder which class will be happiest?

  2. Great write-up, Piration.

    I plan on being the last person on earth to get a cell phone.
    I use Pigeon Post. Info stays private, but the bills are soaring.

  3. Yes Alex I was going to mention the irony of our own surveillance is we beg for it and pay money for it. If “they” mandated all people must have these phones or a personal computer then we would be suspicious of it. They give it to us in a package we will pay for with many free services wrapped around it that we just gotta have it. Anything given to us free and makes us feel good can’t be all evil can it?

    About the future of where tech is going I am planning on a part II to this soon(tm).

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